Weekly update – 01/02/15 – 08/02/15

The plan for last week was ‘light and easy’ after 21+ days of continuous training my body was feeling tired.

I managed to follow the plan perfectly for the first few days, but something strange happened on Wednesday: I checked my calendar Wednesday morning and realised it was completely empty, no work, not even one PT session, no jobs or errands to run and I couldn’t even find any house work to do! It could be 6 months since this last happened and may never happen again, so I couldn’t end a day of total relaxation with a ‘light and easy session’!

I think it’s important to follow some kind of structure in your training, but more important to listen to what your body tells you. I’d planned an easy week in the gym, not because I was following a strict program of; 3 weeks heavy 1 week light, but because I ached more than normal and my body was showing signs of fatigue. But that works both ways, by 18:00 last Wednesday I was feeling fresh and full of energy so I threw a heavier session into my light week.

Highlights from that session include:

Deadlift (belt only):

300KG x1
320KG x1
330KG x1

Power cleans:

170KG – 3 x 2


150KG x5

No failed lifts, all pretty comfortable. Strength is improving nicely,¬†weight loss hasn’t gone so well this week!

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