Training 22/01/14

Deadlift – suit and straps

Second session in new suit, I’ve managed to stretch the legs a bit since last week so it’s a slightly better fit. However it still feels too tight at the bottom (can’t get to the bar or breath) and too loose at the top (straps fell off).

up to:

320KG – 1
340KG – 3
340KG – 1,1

Verdict: I don’t fell like the suit is giving me anything at the moment, especially not for reps as I can’t get enough oxygen in.

Suit off, then:

300KG – 3,3,5


up to:

160KG – 2
Wanted 5 doubles at 160 but elbow was sore so stopped after 1

Leg press

4 sets of 10 (weight unknown and irrelevant!)


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