It’s not over just yet!

2015 started a few weeks ago, with it came a renewed enthusiasm for training and a series of new goals. Looking through some of my posts from this time last year has been very useful, so figured I’d give this online blog another go.

It was 28/04/14 when I last posted here, many things have happened since then; some good, others bad but most are boring and unworthy of a mention on here. So I’ll keep this brief:

My aim for 2015/2016 was to compete at World’s Strongest Man. My 5th place finish at Britain’s Strongest Man secured my place at WSM and I spent a week in Los Angeles fulfilling my goal much earlier than ever expected. Fantastic!
However this had a strange effect on me. The biggest competitions of the year had been and gone, but the strongman season had only just started, so I continued training as normal. But without any real goal, I began to lose focus in the gym. My motivation levels wavered and my desire to compete was almost nonexistent. This situation was only made worse by recurring back and wrist injuries.
The UK’s Strongest Man was the only other competition I had any interest in doing, but that meant getting through both the Southern and English qualifiers first. I very nearly didn’t go to the Southern qualifier, making a last minute decision to enter and doing the bare minimum required to progress to the English.
I went into England’s strongest man with back pain, knowing that the first event; a 400kg yoke could easily be my last. I promised to keep this brief, so; my back held up fine, I won the yoke, it gave me the confidence to go on and win the whole competition (3 of the events from England’s pictured below).


unnamedArm over Arm (3)stones


My preparation for the UK’s went really well, I managed to get some good event training in and was feeling pretty strong. However my mindset was totally off, for the first time (in my whole life) I didn’t care if I won or lost. However the group stages went pretty well, I managed to exceeded my expectations on both days. But before I even started the final I’d pretty much given up, I almost pulled out after a terrible first event (frame carry). Opting to keep going, I cleaned the 167KG axle (second event) but injured my wrist trying to press it, the same one that had been giving me problems all year.
Under different circumstances, I could have carried on, the rest of the events would have been manageable with a wrist injury. But my head wasn’t in it from the start and the wrist injury was all the confirmation I needed; I retired and that was the end of my competition and season.

But 2015 has seen a lease of life.

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