This will make more sense if you read the previous post first.

It was September 2104; I was 124KG, fat, unfit, injured and lacked both focus and motivation. How had I ended up here?
Well the injury is all part of the sport, so I won’t worry too much about that. But looking back at it now I think I know what caused the other problems.
Last year was the first time I’d competed in Strongman and not had to weigh in at 105KG. I looked at the guys I would be competing against in the heavy weight class and decided that the heavier I could get the more competitive I would be. Now, there is some sense in that. No 16 stone man is going to win WSM anytime soon. But, going from 105KG (110-112KG out of competition) in August 2103 to 125KG in March 2104 was not the answer. I hadn’t piled on 10KG of muscle, I’d used it as an excuse to eat too much and got fat! Was I any stronger? Yeah, a little bit. Would I have been stronger had I continued to train and maintain a BW of 110-115KG, yeah!
I was tipping the scales at 20 stone, but I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt. It was affecting my ability to do my job effectively and I was struggling to find a camera angle that would disguise my fat face!

So, from September to January I took sometime out of the gym, started to go running and ate less crap. I lifted once or twice a week, avoiding anything that would aggravate my wrist and knocked over 5 minutes of my 5k (running) time!


I now weigh about 119KG, I’m still fatter than I want to be, I’m weak from 3 months of running instead of lifting. But I’m fitter, more motivated and have a refreshed enthusiasm for strongman.


As of this morning I weigh 115KG and I’ve been back in the gym everyday for 3 weeks and my diet is 200% better. The running has been replaced by weight training and I’m starting to feel happier with the way I look (I celebrated with a few shameless selfies)!




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