Catch up!

So… it’s been a while and there’s a few things worth updating!

Highlights from the last few months, in Chronological order:

Strongman – Giants Live British Championships

Having received a last minute invite to compete, I managed to squeeze in a few last minute event sessions and went into the competition feeling good, but poorly prepared.

I put in a solid performance on the day, avoiding too many mistakes and came away with a 5th place finish, in what was arguably the strong field of British athletes ever put together. My 5th place also earnt me a last minute invite to WSM…

British champs

Worlds Strongest Man 2014 – Los Angeles

I had 4 days to recover from the British, organise a medical, sort out some time off work and figure out my travel arrangements before flying out to WSM.


Worlds line up

I was in a group with 5 bigger and stronger guys and out of my 6 events I’d never even trained 3! Officially I can’t release results until WSM has aired on Channel 5 this coming Christmas. But I was happy with my own performance in most events.
I had a great time in LA, it was a fantastic experience and I’d achieved my goal of qualifying for WSM a year or 2 ahead of schedule!

A return to the athletics track… Horspath April 2014

After my return from America, I decided to take a break from Strongman for a while. Allowing me time to explore a few different avenues. One of which entailed a return to original sport; Athletics.

I’m not sure of the exact timings, but I don’t think I’ve picked up a discus for 3 years. Considering how important a good technique can be, I wasn’t sure what to expect!
I finished up with a satisfying 46.87m,  enough to make me what another shot at the 50m mark this year.
In other news I ran a 12.74 100m’s @ 125KG bodyweight

Olympic weightlifting – Lifting league – Reading

My most recent competition comprised of a  Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Lifting for Morris Motors Weightlifting club, I managed to hit two competition PB’s of 137KG in the (power) snatch and 183KG in the (power) clean and jerk for a 320KG total at 120.4KG bodyweight.





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  1. Hi Ben, outstanding performances both as a Strongman and Track & Field athlete! I hope I get the opportunity to see you compete. I wish you the very best as you’re very capable of beating some of the ‘bigger’ guys and proof that sound technique and knowledge is as important as brute strength. Besides, you never seem to run out of steam!
    I enjoy your posts on FB and Twitter. I’m @martcumberbatch
    Keep in touch!
    Best wishes,
    Appley Bridge

    - Martin Cumberbatch, April 28, 2014 at 10:08 am

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