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Training – 15/02/15-22/02/15

Officially started my diet for Midland’s Strongest Man 105KG, it’s chicken and veg for the next few weeks!

Training wise:

Deadlift – 300KG x5

Bench – 170KG x2

C&J – 180KG x1

Even snatch was better this week!

Hang power snatch –  120KG x3

Happy with strength levels, looking to hit a few PB’s at the end of March.…

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Weekly update 09/02/15-15/02/15

Lost another KG, I’d like to be 114KG by the end of Feb so I’ve still got a bit left to lose.

Training wise; nothing special this week but pretty solid all the same.

Low bar squats + wraps

285KG x 3 – first time using wraps in over 6 months

Full cleans

175KG – 3 x 2


155KG – 5 x 1

With the exception of my jerks and snatch everything else seems to be back to 90%+


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Weekly update – 01/02/15 – 08/02/15

The plan for last week was ‘light and easy’ after 21+ days of continuous training my body was feeling tired.

I managed to follow the plan perfectly for the first few days, but something strange happened on Wednesday: I checked my calendar Wednesday morning and realised it was completely empty, no work, not even one PT session, no jobs or errands to run and I couldn’t even find any house work to do!…

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01/02/15 – Overview

I’m starting to believe my strength will come back! It would be fair to say I was at my best between Jan and March last year. Using some of the training I logged on here I can compare my current strength (after 3 weeks of training) to where I was this time last year.…

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This will make more sense if you read the previous post first.

It was September 2104; I was 124KG, fat, unfit, injured and lacked both focus and motivation. How had I ended up here?
Well the injury is all part of the sport, so I won’t worry too much about that.…

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It’s not over just yet!

2015 started a few weeks ago, with it came a renewed enthusiasm for training and a series of new goals. Looking through some of my posts from this time last year has been very useful, so figured I’d give this online blog another go.…

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Catch up!

So… it’s been a while and there’s a few things worth updating!

Highlights from the last few months, in Chronological order:

Strongman – Giants Live British Championships

Having received a last minute invite to compete, I managed to squeeze in a few last minute event sessions and went into the competition feeling good, but poorly prepared.…

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Training 22/01/14

Deadlift – suit and straps

Second session in new suit, I’ve managed to stretch the legs a bit since last week so it’s a slightly better fit. However it still feels too tight at the bottom (can’t get to the bar or breath) and too loose at the top (straps fell off).…

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Training 20/01/14

Back squats (low bar, belt and wraps)

up to 275KG – 8,8,8 (some kind of crazy P.B.)

Log C&P – technique work

130KG – 2,2,2
140KG – 2,2,2
150KG – 2
Much happier with the new clean technique


BW – 13,9,8

Barbell bicep curls (varying width of gripth)

40KG – 6 sets of 10

Isolation curls

3 sets of 10

Reverse barbell curls

3 sets of 10


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